LES TRANSPORTS - Josette Gontier,Patrice Douenat

LES TRANSPORTS - Josette Gontier,Patrice Douenat

LES TRANSPORTS - Josette Gontier,Patrice Douenat

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Le Bihan-Duval Elisabeth, Métayer-Coustard Sonia 3 Intestinal brush border maturation during the peri-hatch period: the effects of in-ovo Feeding of L-Glutamine Reicher Naama, Dayan Jonatan, Uni Zehava 5 Expression of Chemerin in the magnum of chicken oviduct, perivitelline membranes, egg white and in extraembryonic annexes: a potential role in embryo development? Estienne Anthony, Barbe Alix ...

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Barragan Ferrer, Jesús Manuel and Negny, Stéphane and Robles Cortes, Guillermo and Le Lann, Jean-Marc. Eco-innovative design method for process engineering. (2012) Computers & Chemical Engineering, 45. 137-151. ISSN 0098-1354 Schreck, Eva and Gontier…

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