La géométrie de position - Georg Karl Christian von Staudt

La géométrie de position - Georg Karl Christian von Staudt

La géométrie de position - Georg Karl Christian von Staudt

P Nabonnand, La théorie des 'Würfe' de von Staudt - une irruption de l'algèbre dans la géométrie pure, Arch. Hist. Exact Sci. 62 (3) (2008), 201-242. M Noether, Zur Erinnerung an Karl Georg Christian von Staudt, Jahresberichte der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung 32 (1923), 97-119.

 · Karl Georg Christian von Staudt, book on projective geometry (1847) hyperbola, when the curve intersected the vanishing line in two points. Every complete n-corner inscribed in a second-order curve de.ned a complete n-lateral, its sides being the polars of the vertices and the vertices being the poles of the sides (art. 250). In the following pages von Staudt treated many details about the ...

STAUDT, KARL GEORG CHRISTIAN VON (b. Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber, Germany, 24 January 1798; d. Erlangen, Germany, 1 June 1867) mathematics. Staudt was the son of Johann Christian von Staudt, a municipal counsel, and Maria Albrecht. Rothenburg, famous for its many antiquities, was then a free imperial German city. The family had settled in ...

Request PDF | The projective geometry of Mario Pieri: A legacy of Georg Karl Christian von Staudt | The research of Mario Pieri (1860–1913) can be classified into three main areas: metric ...

Staudt, Georg Karl Christian von. 1847. Geometrie der Lage. Nuremberg: Verlag der Fr. Korn’schen Buchhandlung. Pieri 1889 is an annotated translation of this work. Szczerba, L. W. 1986. Tarski and geometry. Journal of Symbolic Logic 51: 907–912. Tarski, Alfred. [1927] 1983. Foundations of the geometry of solids. In Tarski [1956] 1983, 24–29. Originally published as “Les fondements de ...

 · Nel questo articolo, intendo rivelare alcune funzioni importanti dei suoi contributi ai fondamenti della geometria proiettiva, considerevolmente quelli che sono derivato dal suo studio intenso sugli impianti di Georg Karl Christian von Staudt (1798–1867). Pieri era il primo geometra per stabilire con successo la geometria proiettiva come oggetto indipendente, liberato da tutti i legami alla ...

A French translation with title Leçons sur la géométrie de position Ⓣ appeared in 1881-1882, an Italian edition with title La geometria di posizione Ⓣ was published in 1884 and an English translation Lectures on the Geometry of Position in 1898.

Mario Pieri (22 June 1860 – 1 March 1913) was an Italian mathematician who is known for his work on foundations of geometry.. Biography. Pieri was born in Lucca, Italy, the son of Pellegrino Pieri and Ermina Luporini.Pellegrino was a lawyer. Pieri began his higher education at University of Bologna where he drew the attention of Salvatore Pincherle.

This book contains around 80 articles on major writings in mathematics published between 1640 and 1940. All aspects of mathematics are covered: pure and applied, probability and statistics, foundations and philosophy. Sometimes two writings from the same period and the same subject are taken together. The biography of the author(s) is recorded, and the circumstances of the preparation of the ...

Download Citation | On May 1, 2008, Jean-Daniel Voelke published Le théorème fondamental de la géométrie projective: Évolution de sa preuve entre 1847 et 1900 | Find, read and cite all the ...

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