Transcriptional Switches During Development -

Transcriptional Switches During Development -

Transcriptional Switches During Development -

 · In this study, to assess transcriptional dynamics during development, we performed cap analysis of gene expression on 10 developmental murine HSPC populations isolated from the AGM region, PL, FL, and BM and identified 15,681 transcripts across HSPC ontogeny. We performed microarray analysis of AGM-derived HSPCs at 9.5 and 10.5 days …

A MORC-driven transcriptional switch controls Toxoplasma developmental trajectories and sexual commitment. Farhat DC, Swale C, Dard C, Cannella D, Ortet P, Barakat M, Sindikubwabo F, Belmudes L, De Bock PJ, Couté Y, Bougdour A, Hakimi MA. Toxoplasma gondii has a complex life cycle that is typified by asexual development that takes place in vertebrates, and sexual …

The transcriptional switch accompanies chromatin remodelling during neuronal differentiation, allowing a transient stimulation of L1 transcription. The activity of L1 retrotransposons during brain development can have an impact on gene expression and neuronal function, thereby increasing brain-specific genetic mosaicism. Further understanding of the molecular …

Small peptides switch the transcriptional activity of Shavenbaby during Drosophila embryogenesis. Lack of cadherins Celsr2 and Celsr3 impairs ependymal ciliogenesis, leading to fatal hydrocephalus. A highly conserved cis-regulatory motif directs differential gonadal synexpression of Dmrt1 transcripts during gonad development.

The transcriptional-regulatory system plays a pivotal role in the control of gene expression. A novel computational approach to the study of gene regulation circuits is presented, here. Methodology. Based on the concept of finite state machine, which provides a discrete view of gene regulation, a novel sequential logic model (SLM) is developed to decipher control …

Roles and regulations of Hippo signaling during preimplantation mouse development. 13 2019 Niwa, Yuko S., Niwa, Ryusuke 58 94-105 2016 Transcriptional regulation of insect steroid hormone biosynthesis and its role in controlling timing of molting and metamorphosis. 12 2018 Kazumasa Ohashi 57 275-290 2015 Roles of cofilin in development and its mechanisms of …

Development of programmable small molecules capable of switching ON the transcriptional machinery of pluripotency genes. Research Project . Project/Area Number: 24710261 Research Category: Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B) Allocation Type: Multi-year Fund : Research Field: Chemical biology: Research Institution: Kyoto University: Principal Investigator: …

共著論文. 2019. Ozuru R, Wakao S, Tsuji T, et al. Rescue from Stx2-Producing E. coli-Associated Encephalopathy by Intravenous Injection of Muse Cells in NOD-SCID Mice.

[雑誌論文] Involvement of the TRAP-1 homologue, Dd-TRAP1, in spore differentiation during Dictyostelium development. 2005. 著者名/発表者名 . Morita, T. et al. 雑誌名. Exp. Cell Res., 303. ページ: 425-431 説明 「研究成果報告書概要(和文)」より. 関連する報告書. 2005 研究成果報告書概要 [雑誌論文] Changes in spatial and temporal localization of ...


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