Yu-Gi-Oh ! Tome 28 - Kazuki Takahashi

Yu-Gi-Oh ! Tome 28 - Kazuki Takahashi

Yu-Gi-Oh ! Tome 28 - Kazuki Takahashi

Yu-Gi-Oh ! - Intégrale 14-Kazuki Takahashi 2013-12-18T00:00:00+01:00 Retrouvez en volumes doubles l'intégrale de la première série Yu-Gi-Oh!Intégrale regroupant le tome 27 et 28 Yu-Gi-Oh!, Vol. 6-Kazuki Takahashi 2013-07-30 They say the King of Games never loses...but can even Yugi beat these tough new opponents and weird games? "Monster Fight" takes dueling action figures to a new level ...

View Yu-Gi-Oh! Ancient Tome card information and card art. Ancient Tome Card Type: Continuous Spell

Takahashi has continued to supervise the creation of Yu-Gi-Oh! manga since the end of the original manga's run. In 2013, the one shot manga Drump was released in Weekly Shōnen Jump, based on a new game by Kazuki Takahashi. In 2015, the manga artist received the Inkpot award from Comic-Con International for his outstanding contributions to comics.

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 · This is a list of all TCG and OCG cards that had artwork done by Yu-Gi-Oh! creator Kazuki Takahashi, either directly or through reuse of his manga illustrations. Often times, Takahashi's card artwork for Monster Cards will go unused for the OCG card in lieu of another panel showing the Monster after being Summoned. Certain releases like Anniversary Pack were specifically put out to honor ...

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